We carefully source a selection of handcrafted British products and services, for you to browse, buy and enjoy. Products and services which are unique in style and of the finest quality, made with care, passion and dedication by some of the most talented designer craftsmen and women working in Britain today. So shop now for beautiful and desirable products from our boutique British stores...

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to treat yourself or a loved one with. Handmade items that will not only make a statement and command attention in your home, but which also possess meaning far beyond their monetary value, becoming treasured possessions and heirlooms of the future. Your homes will truly become yours when you fill them with custom made interiors and exteriors, that reflect the person you are. You'll be doing your bit for the planet as well because the low impact way that handmade producers work, is intrinsically in tune with the environment.

There are also resources for you to find a craftsman or woman to commission work directly from them, who will be happy to hear from you, to discuss your requirements and provide you with a genuinely bespoke service. Please visit our dedicated Services Page to begin that exciting journey and support your local economy and craftspeople.

For those of you who are inspired to think about becoming a craftsperson yourself or to simply have a go, there is a dedicated Learning and Supplies Zone, where you will find courses, supplies and books for a multitude of disciplines, from beginners to more advanced levels. There has never been a better time to learn a skill and open up new horizons - so what are you waiting for.

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Made by Hands of Britain supports Social Enterpise

Do you prefer to spend money buying from a business that has society and environment at its heart? Certified social enterprises plough the majority of their profits into activities that benefit people and planet, rather than lining shareholders pockets.
The mark is the only way to guarantee this - just look for the Social Enterprise Mark.